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i-Server with i-Fax Lite

Less labour Less paper

More efficiency More productivity

i-Server with i-Fax Lite is a member of the i-Server series.

Price List

i-Fax Lite converts all incoming faxes to e-mails which are automatically sent to fax administrator, department head or any dedicated person through internal email or internet mail. The fax administrator or any person in charge of dispatching faxes will read the fax and forward to relavent person through email or print out at his wish. In such case, any person in the organization can retrieve his fax anywhere in the office or in the world through internet, and at a much lower cost and shorter time delay.

i-Fax Lite can also send faxes from within the office through LAN or from other locations through Wider Area Network (WAN.) Through our i-Server-WAN gateway, any authorized person can send faxes from anywhere in the world via internet connection through the i-Server with i-Fax Lite installed in the company, or in any location within the WAN, saving hugh amount of idd cost. This feature is especially beneficial to multinational firms and frequent travellers.


Send and receive faxes from your desktop instantly

You are notified of incoming faxes through email and view it with just a click. When you send faxes, you will be notified once it is sent out. Just keep youself on your desk with your work.

Paperless office

Paper saving is an obvious featrure of i-server fax.

Easy to use and configure

No training required if you know how to open and send email. Configuration is done easily through web browser interface.

Cross platform support

Fax viewer supports multi-platform, including Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh O/S, Unix and Linux.

Multiple-fax lines support

Supports up to 20 fax lines. (i-Server Fax pro II supports up to 20 lines, i-Server Fax pro supports up to 4 lines)

Easy management

Management can easily view activities and usage summary by person, department or date.

Electronic filing

All incoming faxes are filed electronically in the server or backed up in secondary back up devices (optional), making retrieval easy and efficient.

Breakthrough price

i-Server with i-Fax Lite can handle up to 1000 users without additional software licence cost. It is much more affordable then general-purpose servers such as Windows NT and Unix alternatives. Its optimized design provides high reliability and very low cost of ownership and usage.

Scalability and upgradability

i-Fax Lite can be upgraded to i-Fax Lite II which supports up to 20 fax lines. i-Fax Lite works best in coordination with other i-Server products including:

i-Server Print

i-Server Mail

i-Server File

i-Server Web

i-Server WAN

i-Server Firewall

i-Server Virtual Office


i-Server with i-Fax Lite

i-Server with i-Fax Lite II

i-Server with i-Fax Lite III


32-bit Pentium Celeron processor

32-bit Pentium III processor

64-bit UltraSparc10 processor





No. of lines support




No. of user accounts





424 x 210 x 400 mm

424 x 210 x 400 mm

420 x 210 x 520 mm

Price list of i-Server with -Fax Lite

Basic configuration

Pentium processor with 10GB HD and 64MB RAM

With preconfigured

i-Server Fax

Send faxes from Windows platform through network.

Incoming faxes converted to email for eny dedicated email user, including outside through internet mail, supports Mac and Windows platform.

i-Server Mail

Mail server for internal mail and internet mail

i-Server File

Support Mac and Windows platform for file sharing with access control

Web Server

SQL Database server

Basic Price: HKD36,888



i-Server Virtual Office

Web-base e-mail, groupwise & remote office system



Protect users from hackers as well as internal access control, with interface board included.


Remote access

Enables connection from outside of office through telephone line, modem included.


Built-in UPS

Uninterrupted power supply enables battery backup and automatic shutdown


Wider Area Network (WAN) Connection

i-Server to i-Server connection through internet connection


i-Server is a product by United Networks and distributed by ARK Network.

Enquiry Hotline : (852) 2119 0876


All information Copyright© 2003, United Network Solutions Limited