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Web Hosting
  If you already have a web page designed, or you have United Networks design one for you, you're going to need a place to put it so everyone on the Internet can see your new masterpiece. 

United Networks can make your web page available 24 hours a day. You'll even be able to specify part of the Internet address for your new page. United Networks can also assist in registering a domain name to provide access to your company at www.mycompany.com or www.mycompany.com.hk 

Alternatively, we can register for free virtual domain at http://mycompany.vhk.net

For more information, send e-mail to enquiry@unitednet.com.hk Please include an e-mail address so you can be contacted.

Sub-domain Hosting Pricing (http://mycompany.vhk.net)
Web Page Storage E-mail Accounts Price
100 MB 15 HK$20.00 / month


Web Hosting Pricing (http://www.mycompany.com)
Web Page Storage E-mail Accounts Price
300 MB 10 HK$33.00 / month



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