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Mega Performance in a Professional Box

Perfect for SMEs who want dedicated, high-bandwidth connections to the Internet and corporate intranets, the i-Router Series is ideal for international or local Broadband connections, offering powerful business-class features and scalability. The i-Router is supporting a lot of features with the industry leading standards like PPPoE, DHCP, DMZ, QOS, Port Forwarding, NAT, Ketc. Besides, it includes the build-in Proxy Server, build-in Firewall & build-in VPN Server. The VPN Server is compatible with the Microsoft PPTP, IPSec & SSH protocols. Using our own SSH VPN technology, the i-Router will create one (1024 bit) encrypted tunnel to transfer all corporate data to the remote office via Internet. This will provide high confidence for all corporate users to securely access or retrieve data at anytime, anywhere in the world. It is saving a lot of your time and cost for communication.


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This equips companies with secure, stable, advanced, high-speed capabilities to manage data via Internet easily and cost-effectively.

Hardware Specification
Intel 1.3G CPU
128Mb or 256Mb or 512Mb RAM
165 VPN Channels supported
1 WAN Port & 1 (10/100) LAN Port
Build-in 300W (110~220V) Power Supply
Size : RackMount 1U
Firmware : Remote Upgradeable

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