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i-Fax Unified Communications Server

i-Fax Unified Communications Server is one integrated messaging and collaboration system for all your organization's communications and information, including email, fax, instant message, voicemail, PABX/PBX, document files and wireless. Its easy, reliable and powerful features can enable your business to tie all communication medias together closely on cost and profit efficiency in a competitive environment. This also enables users to share, retrieve and locate their jobs, schedules, address books, news, notes, bookmarks, knowledge and all other information on the most efficient way. Therefore, it can be suitable for corporations ranging from SME to multi-nationals, Telco companies, schools, universities Ketc. The official release date for the i-Fax Unified Communications Server is scheduled on early Spring 2007. If you are interested in update or any further news about this product, please kindly click this link to drop us one note.


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