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Direct Inward Dial Fax Modem

The MultiModemDID fax modem combines Direct Inward Dial (DID) with Super G3 V.34 fax so that each user on the fax server can have faxes automatically routed to their computer desktop. Virtually any size enterprise can start taking advantage of the security, convenience and cost savings associated with DID fax routing. MultiModemDID utilizes Super G3 V.34 fax speeds of 33.6K bps, more than double the speed of V.17/14.4K bps fax. Now, computer-based fax servers can achieve the Super G3 speeds found in dedicated fax machines.

Family Features

  • One Direct Inward Dial (DID) port for inbound faxing and one loop-start inbound/outbound fax port
  • Super G3 V.34/33.6K fax communication
  • Real time fax compression conversion
  • MH, MR and MMR compression
  • Error Correction Mode (ECM) provides fast and reliable fax transmissions
  • T.31 Annex B Class 1.0 and T.32 Annex C Class 2.1 fax commands
  • Wink-start, immediate-start, and delay dial service type support
  • V.92/56K data mode
  • V.44 compression improves data throughput rates
  • V.42 error correction
  • One-year warranty



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